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This page is a directory of Trinity County, CA Performing Artists: Theatre & Dance: Artists & GroupsTheatre & Dance: Businesses & ServicesMusicians & SingersBands & Groups, Businesses & Services and Healing ArtsVisual & Literary Artist and Art Studios & Galleries, Organizations & Businesses are listed on Arts Directory Page, now known as Visual & Literary Arts Directory. I hope to help create connections between folks with similar interests and hobbies, as well as between potential students, teachers, customers, and the like. If you are looking for musicdance or gymnastics, or art instruction, please go to the Artistic Exchange Page. This directory is a work in progress and by no means a complete list. If you would like your name added, removed, or your listing edited, email me. Please use reload or refresh to get the most current version of this page, as your computer may cache on older copy. 

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If you are looking for dance or gymnastics instruction, please see Dance & Gymnastics Instruction & Services or go to Artistic Exchange Page.


REBECCA BALDOCCHI: Theatre. Involved with Trinity Players.

BETTY BAUMAN: Theatre, set design & painting. Involved with Trinity Players.

GEOFFREY BEEBE: (Junction City) - Physical theatre, storytelling, clowning, masks, weaving. Musician. 

JANE M. BELDEN: (530-623-5319, P.O. Box 134, Weaverville, 96093) - Theatre production, tech, graphics, set design and painting. Artist, writer, and singer. Involved with Trinity Players.

JAMIE BERRY: Theatre, props, stage manager. Involved with Trinity Players.

NATE & SHELLIE ENGLAND: Theatre. Both are involved with Trinity Players.

ANGELA GREEN: Theatre lighting design & technician. Involved with Trinity Players.

MARY HANSEN: Theatre. Involved with Trinity Players. Music teacher, musician.

MORGAN HARMOND: Theatre. Involved with Trinity Players.

KEN & ANN HILL: ANN: Theatre. Involved with Trinity PlayersKEN: Theatre, directing, veteran of stage, screen, TV and radio. Owner of Trinity Theatre (530-623-3555, Weaverville) and Prime Cinemas.

CHARLOTTE HILL: Theatre, musical direction. Involved with Trinity Players. Musician, singer. 

MADELINE HOLVEN: Theatre, set design, costumes, makeup, props, acting coach. Involved with Trinity Players. Vocals.

KATE HULBERT: (Douglas City) - Theatre. Writer, poet, painter. She leads the "Writing My Life" group that has been meeting for at least 12 years.  

NANCY JACKSON: (Hayfork) - Theatre, drama.

NANCY & ALAN KOHL: Both are Involved with Trinity PlayersNANCY: Theatre, directing. She has directed seven productions for the Trinity PlayersALAN: Theatre. 

RACHEL LAFEIN: (Weaverville) - Theatre, soundtrack design, costumes, props, set design & construction. Trinity High School drama teacher. Artist-educator. Photography.

SARA MARDON: Theatre. Involved with Trinity Players.

EMILY MARTENS: Theatre. Involved with Trinity Players. Singer, author.

KATHY & MIKE MARTENS: Both are involved with Trinity PlayersKATHY: Theatre, set design. MIKE: Musician, singer.

BOB NELSON: (Weaverville, 530-623-0331) - Actor, director, playwright, set design & construction. Directed "Metamorphosis".

MICHAEL NICKERSON: Theatre, theatre teacher. Involved with Trinity Players.

TOM NICKERSON: Theatre. Involved with Trinity Players. Owner of and veterinarian at Trinity Animal Hospital.

A. O'KAY JUGGLER EXTRAORDINAIRE: (530-623-7058 or 707-499-5628, P.O. Box 25, Willow Creek, CA 95573) - Juggles pins, 5 balls, torches, and machetes. Available for parties, events, school assemblies, birthdays, fairs, holidays, & festivals. 

MARTI & RICHARD PARACHINI: Both are involved with Trinity Players. MARTI: Theatre set construction. RICHARD: Theatre, set design & construction, sound designer & technician. 

MARIJANE POILTON: Theatre. Involved with Trinity Players.

PATRICIA REID-MACGREGOR - Theatre. Involved with Trinity Players.

MARYLINN RUBI: Theatre, set design, producing. Involved with Trinity Players.

MELODYE & CHRIS SEMER: (530-628-5545, Hayfork) - Drama, theatre. Both are members of Mountain Actor's Workshop. Art and art instruction. Chris teaches ceramics at Hayfork High School night school.

BARRY STEWART: Theatre, set painting. Involved with Trinity Players.

PAUL TYLER-CONTRERAS: (530-628-1187, Hayfork) - Musical theatre. Dance instructor: beginning jazz and other styles. Professional music DJing for events. Blues singer, guitar. He trains dogs.

DAVID VAN DENOVER: Theatre. Involved with Trinity Players.

CLAUDETTE VIELBERG: Theatre hair & wigs for many Trinity Players productions.

ROY WEIL: Theatre. Involved with Trinity Players.

KITTY WILSON: (530-628-5430, Hayfork) - Belly dancer and instructor. Belly dance classes available at Kitty Wilson's studio. Ongoing classes, jump in anytime, call for schedule and price. Leader of Habibiyat Al Jabal Belly Dancing Troupe. 


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(3304B Bechelli Lane, Redding) at 7pm on second Thursday each month. An evening for serious poets, writers, playwrights, storytellers, comedians, and actors of all genres. No censorship. Audience welcome. Donations accepted. Refreshments. Second Wednesday each month. More info: call 530-229-7818. 

(530-229-1084 or 530-356-8034, Lewiston) - Natasha Kuyper is a dance instructor in tap, jazz, ballet, and acrobatics. She offers dance classes at Lewiston Community Center, based on the interests of her clients. Ages 3 to adult. Call for info on class times, fees, and type of dance.

INNER SPACE STUDIO (Main Street, Weaverville) offers classes in Tai Chi, Karate, yoga, dance and more. They often have Open Space Open Mikes on Art Cruise nights. More info: contact Palesa Peralta. 

MOUNTAIN ACTORS WORKSHOP: (Melodye and Chris Semer: 530-628-5545 or 530-628-4475, Hayfork) - Live theatre group based in Hayfork area that meets first Tuesday each month at Hayfork Community Center at 6:30pm (call to confirm!). The old Hayfork Theater building was donated to MAW. They are looking for folks who would like to donate time, labor, money, or ? towards the future remodeling effort.

REDBUD THEATRE:(530-629-2354 or 530-629-2497, Salyer/Willow Creek) - Live theatre venue behind Cinnabar Sam's on Highway 299.  

REDDING CITY MUSICAL THEATRE COMPANY: (1726 Market Street, Redding, CA 96001, 530-515-3262). More info: call Diana Christensen at 515-3262.

TRINITY ALPS PERFORMING ARTS CENTER: Upcoming and past events, purchase tickets, map & directions, reviews, gallery, booking info, how to donate, and contact information. 

TRINITY PLAYERS: (Jim French, Board President, 530-623-8695, P.O. Box 453, Weaverville, 96093) - Live theatre group based in Weaverville area. Board meets on first and third Thursdays at 5:15pm at Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center in Weaverville.

TRINITY SCHOOL OF DANCE at White Wolf Gym: (Diana, 530-623-9214) - In the past they have offered weekly classes in Jazz/Hip Hop; Jazz/Ballet; Ballet/Lyrical; and Mommy, Daddy, and Me Dance & Movement Classes for pre-kindergarten children & their parents. Trinity County Arts Council received a First 5 Commission grant to offer these classes. More info: call TCAC at 623-2760 or White Wolf Gym at 530-623-0014.

WHITE TIGER KARATE: (Jesse Reiter, Owner-Instructor; Randy Bashaw, Senior Instructor; 623-2900, Weaverville) - Forms, self defense, weapons, sparring, seminars, Lion Dance, and tournaments.

"Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom.  If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn."  ~Charlie Parker   

If you are looking for 
music instruction, please see Music Instruction & Services on Artistic Exchange Page.


DIANA ALLISON: (530-623-5281, Weaverville) - Piano and keyboards. 

RACHEL ANDERSON: (530-628-4579 or contact me, Hayfork) - Fiddle, clawhammer banjo, ukulele, occasional guitar and mandolin. Previously performed with All Wheel Drive and The Mostly Stringband. Artist.

WENDY ARMAGNAC: (Hayfork) - Singer. Previously performed with Armagnac & Rossi (jazz duo).

KENNETH BALDWIN: (Douglas City) - Hand drums. Artist.

GEOFFREY BEEBE: (Bottle of Ink, 530-623-2323)- Hurdy Gurdy, hammered dulcimer. Physical theatre, storytelling, clowning, masks, weaving. Artist.

JANE M. BELDEN: (530-623-5319, P.O. Box 134, Weaverville, 96093) - Singer. Writer, artist, theatre.

CINDY BORUFF: (530-628-5468, Hayfork, CA) - Piano, guitar, standup bass, Irish/tin whistle, and vocal. Music lessons in piano, guitar, violin, band instruments, Irish/tin whistle, voice, performance, music theory. Classes held in Hayfork, Weaverville, and Lewiston. State of California Credentialed teacher, retired. 

MIKE BOURG: (Oregon Mountain area) - Drums, percussion. Performs with Trespass. Custom jeweler and co-owner of Gold Rush Jewelers in Weaverville (530-623-4454). 

KENNY BREEZE: (530-628-4544, Hayfork) - 12-string guitar, vocals. Previously performed with Soul Kitchen.

ALSAH ROSE BUNDI: (Weaverville) - Sings chorale with Vicki Riley's Early Singers. Occasional actor. Artist.

LISABETH CAHILL: (Weaverville) - Guitar, vocals.

KELLY & SUE CORRIGAN / TRINITY DIRT WORKS ART & METAL SCULPTURES: (530-623-6821, Weaverville) - Hand drums and percussion. Art & metal sculptures made from recycled scrap metals and materials. 

MIKE CROWLEY(530-628-5068, Hayfork) - Tin whistles, various flutes and woodwinds, hand percussion & rhythm of all kinds. Offers instruction in tin whistle, hand drums, and rhythm for $25/half hour. 

DAVID CRUMMEY: (530-739-3183,, Weaverville) - Mandolin, guitar, singer. Performs with Timber Ridge Band

TOM DALY: (Trinity Pines) - Guitar, electric bass, drums. Has performed with Norma Jean Yeats.

MIKE DEAN: (530-925-2505, Douglas City) - Guitar, vocals. Performs with John Mullen in Two Far Gone (blues, folk, & rock duo).

BONNIE DRAKE: (Weaverville) - Piano, vocals. Proprietor of Grandma's House in Weaverville.

JIM FRENCH: (530-623-7105,, Weaverville) - Guitar, mandolin, vocals. Performs with Timber Ridge Band. He has built a few mandolins and has produced several CD's, including Clarridge Fiddlers and District 6 Fiddlers.

JANINE GACEK: (Deerlick Springs area) - Flute, congas.

JOHN GARRETT: (530-623-4213, P.0. Box 797, Weaverville, 96093) - Guitar, vocals, hand drums. Artist. Previously performed with Raven McGrath.

PATRICK GREENE: (Trinity Pines) - Piano and keyboards, harmonica.

DON HALL: (Weaverville) - Guitar, old time banjo, vocals. Performs with Timber Ridge Band.  

NEIL HARVEY: (Hyampom) - Hand drums. Artist.

BUDDY HAZARD: (Douglas City) - Electric & acoustic guitar, slide guitar, harmonica, vocals. Performs with Highway 3 Band. Artist.

DAVID & SUSAN HAZARD: (Weaverville) - Guitars, vocals. They sometimes perform as a duet.

DEBBIE HOOPES: (Hayfork) - Guitar, vocals, songwriter, storyteller. Debbie can write personalized songs for you.

KATHY HOSMER: (Weaverville) - Tenor and baritone ukuleles, singing. On stage, goes by Kathy Clark. Performs with Butterscotch.

KATE HULBERT: (Douglas City) - Guitar, vocals (?). Performs with Mountain Mojo. Artist.

LONNIE JESSIE: (Hayfork) - Bassoon, most woodwinds. Former music teacher.

ALEXIS JOHANSING: (Hyampom) - Vocals, harmonium, guitar. Dance.

EMILY JOHANSING: (Hayfork) - Flute.

JAMES JOHANSING: (Hyampom) - Drums. Performs with Soul Kitchen

BO KIMBALL: (415-305-8044, Weaverville) - Keyboards, vocals. Performs with Sabor, a latin-based group. Teaches salsa dancing.

SUSAN LABERTEAUX: (530-623-4213, P.0. Box 797, Weaverville, 96093) - Hand drums, vocals. Artist. Previously performed with Raven McGrath.

SCOTT LAFEIN: (Douglas City) - Guitar, vocals.

RAY LEADBETTER: (Hayfork) - Singer. Has performed with Dixie Schaeffer as Dixie & Ray.

RICK MANAS: Electric bass guitar, vocals. Performs with The Retro-Fits Dance Band. Has performed with the Blues Daddies.

BETH MAYBEE: (Ruth) - Guitar, history through song and music.

DAVID MENEFEE: (530-628-4579 or contact me, Hayfork) - Standup bass, Cajun triangle. Previously performed with All Wheel Drive and The Mostly Stringband.

DICK MORRIS: (Weaverville) - Trumpet. Performs with The Straight Ahead Big Band (out of Redding) and Weaverville Community (Marching) Band.

JEFF MORRIS: (Weaverville) - Trumpet, keyboards, ukulele.

SCOTT MORRIS: (Weaverville) - Drums & percussion, vocals. Performs with Mountain Mojo.

JOHN MULLEN: Guitar. Performs with Mike Dean in Two Far Gone (blues, folk, & rock duo).

JOE NEWNAM: (530-410-8698, Hayfork) - Professional bassist, trumpet, sitar and voice. Masters in Music. Certificated music teacher CA K-12. Currently signed on Musea Records in France. Music teacher for Mountain Valley School District. Plays for hire on all above instruments, as well as piano/keyboards. Plays jazz, rock and classical styles. Need a skilled sitar player to add culture and class to your Sitar Joe. 

HAL OLEARI: (778-9855, Lewiston; Teaching studio: 739-0087, Center Street, Weaverville) - Guitar, resophonic guitar, electric bass, mandolin, ukulele, alto saxophone, whistle, vocals. Performs with Sabor, a latin-based group, Butterscotch, and Arianna Reiter. Previously performed with The Mostly Stringband and Weaverville Community (Marching) Band. Hal can do graphic arts design for your event posters or t-shirts.

BRYAN B. POTTER: (Hyampom) - Conga drum, djembe.

ARIANNA REITER: (Hayfork) - Singer. Theatre. Performs with Hal Oleari.

LYN RELPH: (Douglas City) - Mandolin, vocals (?). Performs with Mountain Mojo. Artist.

STEVE RHODEHOUSE: (530-623-2051, Weaverville) - Drums. Performs with The Retro-Fits Dance Band.
VICKIE RILEY: (530-623-4208, Douglas City). Organ. Director of 
Early Music Singers, a group that sings 11th through 17th century songs. Call for meeting location & time. 

ROMAN & OLESIA RITACHKA: (Weaverville) - Roman: Ukrainian bandura, fiddle, vocals. Olesia: Ukrainian bandura, vocals.

JOHN RITZ: (Weaverville) - Electric bass. Performs with Mountain Mojo.

LOU ROSSI: (530-739-3279, Hayfork) - Guitar (Jazz, R & B, rock), electric bass guitar, vocals. Performs with Soul Kitchen. Previously performed with Armagnac & Rossi (jazz duo). He does printed circuit layout & design.

CHUCK & SANDRA SAUER: (Hayfork) - Chuck: Electric & acoustic guitar, electric bass guitar, vocals. Sandra: Vocals. Chuck & Sandra perform with Hippie Chuck & the Rusty Pipes

ALAN SANGER: (530-351-3791, Weaverville) - Electric bass guitar. Performs with Trespass.

DIXIE SCHAEFFER: (530-628-5522, Hayfork) - Piano & keyboard, vocals. Has perform with Ray Leadbetter as Dixie & Ray. Piano lessons for all ages and levels, but especially good with very young children. $15/half hour. 

CHARLIE SEARGENT: The Retro-Fits Dance BandGuitar. Performs with .

LARRY SHAW / SHAW'S MUSIC & SOUND: (530-623-5936, 615 Main Street, Weaverville) - Electric & acoustic guitar. Retail store selling musical instruments, equipment, and supplies.

GREG SNYDER: (Trinity Pines) - Guitar, sings.

PHIL SPRAGEL: (Lewiston) - Harmonica, drums.

JOHN SPRINGER: (Weaverville) - Singer. Owner of Mayor's House Antiques.

DALE TEWES: (Weaverville) - Electric & acoustic guitar. Basic guitar & keyboard instruction for children.

RETTA SAUER TREANOR: (Hayfork) - Singer. Performs occasionally with Hippie Chuck & the Rusty Pipes. Owner of Big Valley Properties Real Estate.

PAUL TYLER-CONTRERAS: (530-628-1187, Hayfork) - Blues singer, guitar. Dance instructor & professional music DJ. Musical theatre. He trains dogs.

BRIAN VAUGHAN (Weaverville) - Afro-Cuban drums (congas, bongos, clave, guiro, etc.). Performs with Sabor, a latin-based group.

CHRISTY WAGNER: (Weaverville) - Mandolin.

RANDALL WALKER: (Weaverville/Redding) - Keyboards, guitar, woodwinds, tuba, vocals, performance, instrumental, stage production. Director of Weaverville Community Band.

JOHN WHALEY: (Weaverville) - Guitar, piano, marimbas, drums.

SHERRI WHITHAM / MAKE A SOUND MUSIC STUDIO: (530-623-1676, Junction City. Studio: Lee Fong Ranchhouse, Weaverville) - Accordion, piano & keyboards, fiddle, banjo, vocals. Performs with Soul Kitchen. Previously performed with The Mostly Stringband

DAVE & BECKY WILLIAMS / DAVE'S DRUMS: (Weaverville) - Hand drums. Drum maker. 

CANDACE YORK: (Hyampom) - Guitar, vocals. Artist.

If you are looking for music instruction, please see Music Instruction & Services on Artistic Exchange Page.  

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ALLISON & VICTOR: (530-235-2809, P.O. Box 873, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067 ) - Folk-jazz duo that performs original music with guitar, vocals, and lots of soulful saxophone. Allison Scull plays guitar and sings. Victor Martin plays improvisational saxophone. Listen to Allison & Victor

AYRES RECORDERS: (530-623-6459, 530-623-5320, or 530-623-2805, P.O. Box 899, Weaverville, 96093) - Quintet performance of early and Old World recorder music and history of recorder music. Due to the recent (August 2009) passing of Virgina Peterson, this group may or may not still be performing.

DAVE'S DRUMS: (Dave and Becky Williams, Weaverville) - Drum maker. 

EARLY MUSIC SINGERS: (Director, Vickie Riley: 530-623-4208). Singing group that sings 11th through 17th century songs. They usually meet weekly on Mondays in Weaverville at TPUD 5-6:30pm. 

HIGHWAY 3 BAND: (Contact: Buddy Hazard, Douglas City) - Rock band. May be disbanded.

HIPPIE CHUCK & THE RUSTY PIPES: (Contact: Chuck & Sandra Sauer, Hayfork) - Electric country blues & rock band.  

MANZANITA CONSORT: The members of the Manzanita Consort began playing together several years ago as accompanists for Trinity County’s Early Music Singers. The Consort formed in early 2011 and presently consist of Rolayne Bashaw on cello, Vicki Riley on keyboards, and Susan Alexander and Suzan Neil on recorders. 

MOUNTAIN MOJO: Upbeat blues" band featuring John and Evelyn Ward, Mary Simpson, Robert Mercy, Kate Hulbert, Lyn Relph, Scott Morris, and John Ritz. 

THE RETRO-FITS DANCE BAND: Classic rock, R&B, oldies, country and southern rock band featuring Bill Keys (vocals, rhythm guitar); Rick Manas (vocals, bass guitar); Steve Rhodehouse (drums, 530-623-2051); and Charlie Seargent (lead guitar). 

SABOR: (Booking info: call Hal Oleari at 778-9855 or 739-0087 or Brian Vaughan at 623-7129) - Latin-based band featuring Hal Oleari on electric bass and vocals; Bo Kimball on keyboards and vocals; Brian Vaughan on congas; Diana Losk on lead vocals; Ben Harper on trombone; and sometimes Rick Aglipay's son on trumpet, clarinet, and saxophone. 

GABOR SCHOFFER: (Hayfork) - Exotic instrument builder and luthier. Plays pan pipes and other South American instruments. 

SHAW'S MUSIC & SOUND: (Larry & Tamara Shaw, 530-623-5936, 615 Main Street, Weaverville) - Retail store selling musical instruments, equipment, and supplies. They also sell exotic birds as Shaw's Macaws.

UPDATED! SOUL KITCHEN: In transition! 60's rock band featuring Lou Rossi on lead guitar and vocals; James Johansing on drums; Sherri Whitham on keyboard and vocals; and Shad Sundberg on electric bass. Kenny Breeze recently left the band, the remaining members are reformulating, possibly as Transport. See where Soul Kitchen is playing next. For booking info: call Lou Rosse.

TIMBER RIDGE: (Contact: Jim French: 530-623-7105 or; David Crummey: 530-739-3183 or; Martha Boyle: 530-515-2871 or - Timber Ridge Band has its roots deep within the heart of the Trinity Alps in Northern, CA and is known for their folklore music that tells life’s stories in an entertaining, honest way. Don Hall and David Crummey are both song writers and lead vocalists for the band and have entertained all over the world. Don’s soulful sound and David’s free spirited style are unique and genuine. Combined with lead guitarist Jim French, and Martha Boyle on bass and fiddle, Timber Ridge gives performances that capture audiences of all ages.   

TRESPASS: (Info: Alan Sanger, 530-351-3791). Classic rock and blues band featuring all local Trinity County boys. Available for special occasions, weddings, dances or just entertainment in the lounge.

TWO FAR GONE: (530-925-2505, Mike Dean) - Mike Dean (vocals, rhythm guitar) and John Mullen (lead guitar) play blues, folk, & rock.

PAUL TYLER-CONTRERAS: (530-628-1187, Hayfork) - Professional music DJing for events. Dance instructor and musician. He trains dogs.

WEAVERVILLE COMMUNITY (MARCHING) BAND: Rehearsals are weekly on Tuesdays at Weaverville Elementary School music room (room 30) at 6pm. Community Band is being offered as part of Shasta College outreach program. The course, Music 302, Symphonic Band for Seniors is open to musicians of all ages. Band members must have at least one year's experience on their instrument and be able to read music. No fee for class, but participants should register in Shasta College outreach center before classes begin. More info: Shasta Outreach Center at 530-623-2231.

ANGELIC ALCHEMY / PAULA MASTERMAN  (530-623-4255, 515 Oddfellows Avenue, P. O. Box 2667, Weaverville, CA 96093) - Practice of contacting angelic beings for the practice of transforming one's life for the better. Paula teaches all levels of Reiki attunement. All levels of attunement are available and attendants will receive their certifications. She will also provide an introduction to Chakras that includes a Chakra clearing meditation. Cost: $60. More info: call Paula. Beadwork artist and member of Artistic Alchemy.

COURAGE & RENEWAL RETREATS / KIM STOKELY: Kim Stokely offers these retreats in Hayfork. Retreats will focus on our journey toward leading an undivided life, integrating who we are with what we do in the world. Retreats are in a series with one retreat in each season of this year. Kim will be using the seasons, along with poetry, music, nature, and art, as a way of reflecting on ourselves and our lives. View a PDF brochure describing retreats and providing dates and registration form

UPDATED! MASSAGE STUDIO / DEBBIE BODGE: (628-5020 or 628-5649, Upstairs in Post Office Square, Hayfork) - Massage offered by Debbie Bodge and James Johansing. Call for an app't. Therese Thomas may also be offering massage and Reiki. Terese says "Practicing compassion and understanding for the highest good, utilizing my nursing background and intuitive presence to facilitate creative healing love and health for humankind now and especially future generations".

SUZAN LABERTEAUX: (623-4213, Weaverville) - Making & Using Herbal Remedies classes meets once a month March through November. A different topic each month. Hands-on experience making herbal remedies, plus herb walks. All materials provided. Flower Essences, Levels 1 & 2. Level 1: Introduction, meets spring through summer for five sessions. The origin of flower remedies; The healing energy of flowers; How to make flower essences. Prerequisite for Level 2 course. Level 2: Practitioner Training, year round. Environmental essences and gem elixirs; Essences for animals; Developing your own practice; Ethics for practitioners; and much more. More info or for dates: call 623-4213 or 623-4349. About the instructor: Resident artist SuZan LaBerteaux, M.A. has been studying and using herbs for over 20 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in visual art and a Master of Arts degree in plant ecology. SuZan provides many services to community as an artist, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, educator, and author. SuZan’s classes are held at her studio above Highland Art Center.

DENNIS MARTINEZ: (530-623-5056 or 530-222-7576 - message) Ethno-botanist and restoration ecologist with many years experience in wild-crafting and growing and using native foods and medicines. He is a traditional native American harvester and a member of ethno-ecologist and author Gary Nabhan's working group on wild foods in the Pacific Northwest. Dennis may have started a group of persons interested in wild foods, that would be part of a global slow foods/heirloom seed movement. The group would NOT be about commercialization of "non-timber" forest products. Instead, personal use would be stressed with an emphasis on the ethics, techniques, and protocols for harvesting wild foods and ecological restoration and maintenance. 

SHERRY: (510-750-4310, Redding, - Reiki Master. 10 years experience at master level. Physical injuries, psychological and spiritual unease, connections to guides. In person or at a distance, her hands are here for healing.

TRINITY ALLIANCE FOR THE HEALING ARTS (TAHA): (Contact person: Susan LaBerteaux: 623-4213 or Lydea Roach: 623-2603). Trinity County group of healing artists. Click on link to learn more. Read member bios ro find additional practitioners of healing arts. Board meeting is at 6:30pm on second Tuesday each month in Weaverville at home of Lydea Roach (631 Brooks Avenue/Lane). Interested persons are welcome to attend. 

HAYFORK YOGA CENTER (6971 Highway 3, behind Hayfork Drug Store). Go to website for current schedule, teachers bios, and more. 

Some of you may remember Kris and Lark Bowerman of KUIMBA, formerly of Hayfork? They now live in Vancouver BC area, and are still active in music, gardening, and Astrology.


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