While I try to keep these listings as current as possible, there may be time or location changes or even cancellations of events. Please call to confirm the details before attending an event. Area codes are 530, unless otherwise indicated. Please email me if you find incorrect or out of date info or have an monthly event you would like added! Please use reload or refresh to get the most current version of this page, as your computer may cache on older copy. Info searching hint: Use Control + F on PCs or Apple + F on Macs to pop up a text search window. Then enter any text, "board meeting" for example, to find all text on this page with the word "board meeting" in it.

Regarding the use of the information on this website. I don't mind the info to be used for publicity purposes, but please contact event organizer for their permission and latest updates BEFORE including their event info in any printed matter. Thank you!


Please see ACOUSTIC JAM PAGE for regularly scheduled acoustic jams, open mikes, song circles, and dances that are held in and outside of Trinity County.

FIRST: FOOD BANK COMMODITIES DISTRIBUTIONS. LEWISTON at Community Hall 9:30-10:30am. HAWKINS BAR at Community Hall 10-11am. JUNCTION CITY at Fire Dep't Annex 10-11:30am. WEAVERVILLE behind Veteran's Memorial (CD) Hall 12:30-1:30pm. Commodities are for low-income families. More info or for income guidelines: call 623-3558 or 623-5409. FREE 

FIRST: WEAVERVILLE - HEARING TESTING BY BELTONE at Golden Age Center (201 Browns Ranch Road) 10am-3pm. More info: call Golden Age Center at 623-2324.

FIRST: WEAVERVILLE - TRINITY COUNTY COMMUNITY ACCESS MEDIA (TCCAM) MEETING at T.P.U.D. conference Room at 2pm. More info: call Joe Kasper at 778-0745.

FIRST: LEWISTON - LEWISTON SPARKIES FIREFIGHTER AUXILIARY GROUP MEETING at Community Center (Texas Avenue) at 3pm. Public is welcome. Open to men & women over age 16. More info: call Kristen at 778-3132.

SECOND: HAYFORK - COMMUNITY SPIRITS MEETING at Fairgrounds at 2pm. Group sponsors blood drives, Friends of the Library, Welcome Wagon, and more. Public is welcome.

THIRD: WEAVERVILLE - TRINITY COUNTY ARTS  COUNCIL (TCAC) MEETING at Chamber of Commerce at 6:05pm - call to confirm! They may be looking for folks who would like sit be on their board of directors. More info: call 623-2760.

THIRD: HAYFORK - HAYFORK ELEMENTARY BOOSTERS MEETING at Library at 7pm. More info: call 628-5710.

THIRD: HAYFORK - HAYFORK FLAMES MEETING at Fire Hall at 7pm. Volunteers and interested persons welcome! More info: call 628-4675.

FOURTH: WEAVERVILLE - LOWDEN AQUATIC PARK PROJECT (LAPP) GENERAL MEETING at T.P.U.D. conference room at 6:30pm. LAPP is a non-profit organization. 

FOURTH: HAYFORK - NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH MEETING at Substation at 7pm. More info: call 628-5054.

LAST: HAYFORK/WEAVERVILLE - RC & D BOARD MEETING at Community Center. Location alternates between Hayfork and Weaverville. More info or to confirm location: call 623-2009.

FIRST & THIRD: WEAVERVILLE - BOARD OF SUPERVISORS MEETING in BOS chambers at Trinity County Library meeting room at 9am. Meeting info, agenda, and archived minutes. PLEASE CALL to confirm days for supervisor meetings!

FIRST & THIRD: LEWISTON - LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE #1850 MEN'S MEETING at Moose Lodge. Contact Moose member for time.

FIRST: FOOD BANK COMMODITIES DISTRIBUTION. HAYFORK at TC Fairgrounds 9-11am. Commodities are for low-income families. More info or for income guidelines: call 623-3558 or 623-5409. FREE 

FIRST: WILLOW CREEK - STUDIO 299 CENTER FOR THE ARTS MEETING at St. Joseph's Community Service Room at 5pm. Studio 299 is a non-profit artist's collaborative serving Eastern Humboldt/Western Trinity counties area. Dues are $10/year. Confirm meeting day and time! More info: call 629-3488. 

FIRST: HAYFORK - MOUNTAIN ACTORS WORKSHOP BOARD MEETING at home of Chris and Melodye Semer at 6:30pm. Public is welcome. The old Hayfork Theater building was donated to MAW. They are looking for folks who would like to donate time, labor, money, or ? towards the future remodeling efforts. More info: call Melodye or Chris Semer at 628-5445 or Kitty Wilson.

FIRST: WEAVERVILLE - TRINITY COUNTY FAMILY CHILD CARE ASSOCIATION MEETING at Human Response Network conference room at 7pm. Non-profit corporation with 10 members. Topics include: Health & Nutrition, Taking Care of Family Child Care Provider, and Car Seat Training. Public is welcome. 

SECOND: TRINITY CENTER - COMMUNITY SERVICES BOARD MEETING. A monthly agenda is posted at Post Office during first part of each month.

SECOND: HAYFORK - RODERICK SENIOR CENTER BOARD MEETING at Center at 9am. More info: call 628-4692.

SECOND: JUNCTION CITY - FIRE JILLS MEETING. More info on time and location: call president, Bonnie YingLing.

SECOND: WEAVERVILLE - TRINITY ALLIANCE FOR THE HEALING ARTS (TAHA) BOARD MEETING at TAHA Wellness Center (140 N. Miner Street). Call for time and to confirm day. Trinity County group of healing artists. Interested persons are welcome to attend. More info or for directions: call Susan LaBerteaux at 623-4213 or Lydea Roach at 623-2603.

SECOND: HAYFORK - HAYFORK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING at Hayfork High School Library at 7pm. Public is welcome. More info: call Don Mulvey at 628-4249 or Betty Wines at 628-4109. Please confirm meeting via contact numbers as there is not always a meeting every month!

THIRD: TRINITY ANIMAL SHELTER AUXILIARY (TASA) MEETING at Trinity County Animal Shelter (563 Mountain View, 623-1370) at 6:30pm. TASA is dedicated to sheltering animals in a humane environment and educating the public concerning responsible treatment and care of animals. Public is welcome. They hold 3-4 fundraisers per year and welcome donations. Mail donations to Trinity Animal Shelter, PO Box 2471 -OR- 1241 (call to confirm!), Weaverville, CA 96093.

THIRD: WEAVERVILLE - TRINITY COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY MEETING at Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Lane) conference room 7-9pm. More info or to confirm time & date: call 623-6896.

FOURTH TUES (usually??) OF 6 EVEN MONTHS: WEAVERVILLE - COMMUNITY BLOOD DRIVE at Fire Hall (100 Bremer Street) 12:30-6:30pm. Takes about an hour. Eat and drink plenty of fluids. Minimum 110 pounds and healthy and free of cold symptoms for at least 48 hours. Donor card or photo ID required. Minimum 17 years old (16 with parental consent). Benefits Blood Source - North State. For more info: call Blood Source at 243-0160. FREE

LAST: HAYFORK - CEMETERY ASSOCIATION MEETING at Community Center (Tule Creek Road) at 6:30pm. More info: call 628-4206.

WED FOLLOWING FIRST TUESDAY OF MONTH: FOOD BANK COMMODITIES DISTRIBUTION. MAD RIVER at Southern Trinity Health Services 10am-1pm. RUTH at Ruth Store 3-5pm. Commodities are for low-income families. More info or for income guidelines: call 623-3558 or 623-5409.

FIRST: WEAVERVILLE - BOARD OF SUPERVISORS MEETING in BOS chambers at Trinity County Library meeting room at 9am. Meeting info, agenda, and archived minutes. PLEASE CALL to confirm days for supervisor meetings!!!

FIRST: LEWISTON - GARDEN CLUB MEETING at Community Center (Texas Avenue). Social time at 12:30pm. Meeting at 1pm. No charge for guests to attend. In summer, they meet at people's houses. More info: call Carolyn Rhody at 623-6170. 

FIRST: WEAVERVILLE or HAYFORK - TRINITY COUNTY COMMISSION ON AGING (TCCOA) MEETING in Weaverville at County Library at 1:30pm. Change in dates is to allow senior issues brought before TCCOA to be placed on supervisors agenda. MAY and SEPT meetings are usually held in Hayfork at Roderick Senior Center. Public is welcome. More info: call Ron Steves at 623-2273.


FIRST & THIRD: RUTH - SIX RIVERS LIONS CLUB MEETING at Ruth Lake Community Hall (Van Duzen Rd.) at 7pm.

SECOND: HAYFORK - COMMUNITY CENTER BOARD MEETING at Community Center (Tule Creek Road) at 8am. More info: call 628-4571.

SECOND & FOURTH: HAYFORK - BLOOD PRESSURE CLINIC & HEALTH COUNSELING at Roderick Senior Center. Call for time or to confirm at 628-4692.

SECOND & FOURTH: WEAVERVILLE - LEGAL CLINICS. Legal Services of California will provide clinics at Human Response Network by appointment only. Legal Information & Assistance Project (LIAP) is for low income persons or families. LIAP provides self- represented litigants with assistance and access to legal information. It provides information about legal procedures, substantive law and legal options, for litigants, assistance with legal forms, and referrals to local agencies, non-profit organizations, and alternative dispute resolution and mediation programs. More info or to make an app't: call 241-3565 or 800-822-9687 ext.115.

SECOND: HAYFORK - OFFICE HOURS FOR SUPERVISORS JOHN FENLEY & BOBBI CHADWIC at Trinity County Fairgrounds 1:30pm-4pm (?). Please confirm! 

SECOND: WEAVERVILLE - TRINITY COUNTY RED CROSS VOLUNTEER MEETING at Trinity County Office of Education Main Conference Room (201 Memorial Drive) 6pm-8pm. Meetings are for current volunteers. They welcome anyone interested in learning more about volunteering for Red Cross! Don't wait till the fires or disasters start! Get trained now to be a local volunteer. More info: call Veronica Dudin, Training Coordinator / County Lead, American Red Cross Gold Country Region, at 510-2295. LOCATION NOTE: Meetings are usually in Weaverville BUT there are 4 months in 2016 when they will not be in Weaverville: WED FEB 10 (Hayfork, Fairgrounds Board Room), WED MAY 11, WED JULY 13, and WED SEPT 13.

SECOND: WEAVERVILLE - TRINITY COUNTY DEMOCRATIC CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEETING at Human Response Network Conference Room (113 Mountain View) at 6:30pm. More info: call George Bates, Chair of TCDCC at 778-0239 or 778-9881. 

SECOND: LEWISTON - COMMUNITY SERVICE DISTRICT MEETING (LCSD) at Community Center (Texas Avenue) at 7pm. More info: call 778-3148.

THIRD: DOUGLAS CITY - DC FIRE BELLES POTLUCK (12noon) and MEETING (1pm) at DC Fire Station. They are looking for new members. More info: call 623-2829.

THIRD: WEAVERVILLE - CAREGIVER'S SUPPORT GROUP MEETING at Golden Age Center (201 Browns Ranch Road) 1:30-3:30pm. More info or to confirm: call Golden Age Center at 623-2324.


THIRD: HAYFORK - HAYFORK COOPERATIVE PLANNING & PUBLIC MEETINGS at Northern Delights Coffeehouse. Planning meeting at 6pm. Public meeting at 7pm. They present a different program each month. They do not ask for dues as this is a cooperative. However, please support Northern Delights with your business or a small donation. They welcome you input in regard to the programs and decisions. More info or if you have suggestions talk to: Susan Bower. NOTE: New day, and meeting time may change in March 2017.

THIRD: WEAVERVILLE - TRINITY COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEETING at Trinity County Office of Education Conference Room at 6:30pm. Open to public. More info: call Trinity County Chamber of Commerce at 623-6101 or email FREE

THIRD: HYAMPOM - HYAMPOM COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING at 7pm. HCSD governs operations of Hyampom Volunteer Fire Department (HymVFD). HymVFD services include both structure and wildland firefighting, and emergency medical services provided by staffing and operating the Hyampom Ambulance. Recently, HCSD has also been responsible for coordinating, planning, and implementation of fire safe grants and fuels reduction projects within Hyampom Valley. Currently, meeting notifications and agendas are posted on community bulletin board. Their goal is to also use email to communicate with interested community members. Additional emails may include notifications about a change in meeting times and/or dates, special meetings, and fire safe planning or project activities.

FOURTH: WEAVERVILLE - SENIOR HEALTH COUNSELING (HICAP) at Golden Age Center (201 Browns Ranch Road) 11:30am-1:30pm. More info or to confirm: call 623-2324.

LAST (except December & August): HAYFORK - LOG CABIN QUILTERS MEETING at Roderick Senior Center at 11am. Open to everyone. Dues are $5/year. More info: call Marynel Merris at 628-4288. Use of quilting machine is $3/hour. Batting is available. The following people have keys: Barbara Leadbetter 628-5388, Mayme Patton 628-5175,or Wanda Brown 628-4378. Please call any of these members to set up an appointment.

LAST: WEAVERVILLE - WEAVER CITY STREET RODDERS MEETING at 7pm. Call for restaurant location. More info: call Bill Lynch at 623-2369, Jim Knight at 623-4824. Swap meet info: call Larry Alles at 623-3279.

FIRST: COFFEE CREEK - FOOD BANK COMMODITIES DISTRIBUTION at Community Church 11am-12noon. Commodities are for low-income families. More info or for income guidelines: call 623-3558 or 623-5409.

FIRST & THIRD: HAYFORK - BOOK DISCUSSION CLUB at Hayfork Yoga Center 1-2:30pm. Prior reading not required. Feel free to join in anytime to discuss book and share insights. Chairs and cushions available. More info: call Patricia at 628-4630.

FIRST: HAYFORK - WATERSHED CENTER BOARD MEETING at Center at 4:30pm. More info: call 628-4206.

FIRST & THIRD: WEAVERVILLE - TRINITY PLAYERS BOARD MEETING at Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center at 5:15pm. Live theatre group. More info: call Jim French, Board Vice President, at 623-8695.



SECOND: WEAVERVILLE - TRINITY COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY BOARD MEETING at Alice Goen Jones History Center in Jake Jackson Museum at 4pm. More info: call 623-5211. Second Thursday each month.

SECOND: WEAVERVILLE - FIRE DISTRICT MEETING at Weaverville Fire Station One (100 Bremer Street) at 5pm. 

SECOND: LEWISTON - LIONS CLUB DINNER at Community Center (Texas Avenue) at 6:30pm.

THIRD: WEAVERVILLE - HEARING AND SERVICE CENTER at Trinity Family Medical Group (Highway 3). Offering 100% digital hearing aids, MediCal & insurance accepted, caring service, hearing evaluations, 30 day trial period, repair lab in office. More info or to make an app't: call Up-State Hearing Instruments at 1-800-843-4271.


THIRD: TRINITY GARDEN CLUB MEETINGS at 12noon and 1pm. More info or location: call 623-2388.

THIRD: WILLOW CREEK - MOUNTAIN VOICES MEETINGS at Big Foot Books from 5:30-7:30pm. This is a group of poets from up and down both Trinity and Klamath Rivers. They organize more or less quarterly performance gatherings. More info: call Tamara Jenkinson at 629-2614 or call 629-3488.

THIRD: WEAVERVILLE - WEAVERVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEETING at Trinity County Office of Education Conference Room at 6:30pm. More info: call 623-6101 or email

THIRD: HAYFORK - TRINITY COUNTY FAIR ASSOCIATION BOARD MEETING at Fairgrounds Board Room at 6:30pm. Public is welcome. More info: call Fairgrounds or Mike Fillette.

THIRD: SOUTHERN TRINITY - HUMBOLDT-TRINITY RECREATIONAL ALLIANCE (HTRA) MEETING at home of Millie Pollard (432 Van Duzen Road) at 6:30pm. More info: call Gail Glass at 707-574-6269.

FOURTH: LEWISTON - LIONS CLUB BREAKFAST at Mountain Valley Grill at 7am.

FOURTH: WEAVERVILLE - TRINITY COUNTY FIRE SAFE COUNCIL MEETING at TCRCD conference room on Horseshoe Lane (behind front office) at 7pm. More info or to receive meeting agenda, minutes and announcements: call Noreen Doyas or Pat Frost.

FOURTH: REDDING - PARENTS, FAMILY, & FRIENDS OF LESBIANS & GAYS (PFLAG) OF SHASTA COUNTY MEETING at Mountain Vista Retirement Home (675 Peppertree Lane, at Hilltop Drive) activities room at 6:30pm. Their mission is "to provide support, education, and advocacy to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans-gender (GLBT) persons in our community". Trinity County residents are welcome. More info: call 223-9460 or 245-0837.  

FOURTH/LAST: TRINITY LAKE LIONS CLUB MEETING at I.O.O.F. Hall at 7pm. Call to confirm!  


FIRST: HAYFORK - COMMUNITY BREAKFAST at Roderick Senior Center 8-10am. $7 donation. Everyone is welcome.

FIRST: WEAVERVILLE - CHRISTIAN MOTORCYCLISTS ASSOCIATION: EZEKIEL'S WHEELS BRUNCH & RIDE at Trinideli at 11am. All interested Christian bikers are invited to for a chance to hear about all bikers events going on around North State that provide opportunities for ministry. Breakfast lasts about an hour, followed by a ride. More info: call Mike or Donell Jameson at 623-3215 or Steve or Diana Marshall at 707-496-6139.

FIRST/SECOND: LEWISTON - LEWISTON GARDEN CLUB WORKSHOPS at Lewiston Botanical Garden (in front of Community Center on Texas Avenue). Times vary. Lewiston Botanical Garden, installed in 2002, contains over 200 species of deer-resistant plants that grow well in Trinity County. Garden is comprised of several smaller themed gardens including Birds & Butterflies, Native Plants, and Sensory and Drought-Tolerant Gardens. More info or for exact date & time: call Nancy Tennyson at 778-0632.

FIRST: WEAVERVILLE - ART CRUISE 5-8pm: Monthly artist's receptions and show openings with food and beverages. Participating galleries and businesses may include: Happy Salmon Gallery at Trinity Alliance for the Healing Arts Wellness Center (140 S. Miner), Highland Art Center, Jake Jackson Museum, Umpqua Bank, Gold Rush Jewelers, Trinity County Chamber of Commerce, Sweet Sheep Yarn, Olson Stoneware, Main Street Gallery, Mamma Llama Eatery & Cafe, Angela's Bead Art, Weaverville Realty, Red House Coffee, Mountain Valley Pacific Floors, and more!

FIRST: HAYFORK - LIONS CLUB BINGO at Fairgrounds Dining Hall at 5:30pm. Concession stand will be open. Buy in is $10. Proceeds support community events. More info: call 628-4671. 

SECOND & FOURTH: WEAVERVILLE - TRINITY COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY BLACKSMITH CLASS at Jake Jackson Museum Blacksmith Shop at 9am. Classes held OCT - MAY. More info: call 623-5211.

SECOND: POST MOUNTAIN - PUBLIC UTILITIES DISTRICT BUSINESS MEETING at Post Mountain Volunteer Fire Hall at 10am. Call to confirm!

SECOND: WEAVERVILLE - MONTHLY DISC GOLF TOURNAMENT at Lee Fong Park at 10:30am. Come early to warm up and sign up. More info or to confirm: call Angela or Seth at 739-5243.

SECOND: HAYFORK - HAYFORK MINING DISTRICT MEETING in Cinderella Ballroom in Hayfork Hotel at 1pm. Public is welcome. More info: call 628-1143.


THIRD: HAYFORK - VFW BREAKFAST at VFW Hall (Highway 3, before town) 8am-11am. $7.

THIRD: HAYFORK - FOOD NETWORK DISTRIBUTION at Faith Assembly Church (Hwy 3 & Clinic Ave.) 10am-12noon. Helping Hands meet 9am-12noon to help distribute a bag of food to anyone in need. New volunteers are welcome. Monthly Leadership Meeting is at 9am at Hayfork Food Network. More info: call Faith Assembly Church at 628-5842.

LAST: HAYFORK - CEMETERY CLEAN-UP DAY at 12noon (earlier in warmer months). Volunteers are needed. More info: call Annette at 628-4206.

QUARTERLY in March, June and November: HAYFORK OR LEWISTON - S.A.F.E. (SAFE ALTERNATIVES FOR OUR FOREST ENVIRONMENT) MEETING & POTLUCK at 1pm. More info or for date, location, and directions: call Jan Mountjoy at 628-4474.

FIRST: RUTH LAKE - COMMUNITY BREAKFAST at Ruth Lake Community Hall on Van Duzen Road.

SECOND: HAYFORK - SHERIFF'S POSSE MEETING at Posse Grounds at 10am. They support Sheriff's Dep't, Search & Rescue Team, volunteer fire dep'ts, and local communities. They are looking for new members who want to help out in community. Mail request for application or info to: Trinity County Sheriff's Posse, P.O. Box 837, Hayfork, CA 96041.

SECOND & FOURTH: TRINITY CENTER - POTLUCK LUNCH at TC Community Church at 11:30am.

SECOND: HAYFORK - TIMBERJACKS 4H CLUB MEETING at Hayfork Youth Center at 2pm. Projects in swine, goats, poultry, electronics, video game design, dogs, rabbits, leadership, camping & adventure, etc. Membership is open to children 5 years/older and to parents/caretakers who would like to volunteer time to teach a skill or supervise a project. Children can become members even if parent is unable to lead a project, but they do ask that you support your child\'s interest by getting them to meetings regularly. Visitors are welcome but must follow Hayfork Youth Center and 4-H rules of conduct while visiting meeting. More info: call Kathy at 628-4221.

THIRD: HAYFORK - POTLUCK LUNCH at Hayfork Eskaton Manor Senior Apartments. Call 628-0061 to make reservation.

THIRD: WEAVERVILLE - TRINITY GEM & MINERAL SOCIETY BOARD MEETING at Lowden Park. Board meeting at 1pm. General meeting at 2pm. More info or to confirm: call Jack Jennewein at 778-3786 or 623-1183.  

FOURTH & SECOND: WEAVERVILLE - BASIC II BLACKSMITH CLASS at Jake Jackson Museum Blacksmith Shop at 10am. Classes held OCT - MAY.

FOURTH & SECOND: TRINITY CENTER - POTLUCK LUNCH at TC Community Church at 11:30am.