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Below are photos of our ranch and surrounding areas.  There are wintertime photos on Winter 2001 page.

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Ranch House

housegarage-sum2001-big.jpg (275665 bytes)
Summer 2001
house-Sum2001.jpg (171204 bytes)
Summer 2001
crabapple.jpg (280674 bytes)
Crabapple - Spring 2001
crabappleblooms.jpg (363609 bytes)
Crabapple - Spring 2001
housefront.jpg (62024 bytes)
Summer 99
houseside.jpg (83270 bytes)
Summer 99
houseback.jpg (71896 bytes)
Summer 99

Barn, Garage and Outbuildings

barn-sum2001.jpg (147313 bytes)
Barn & Pasture - Summer 2001
barn.jpg (68950 bytes)
Barn interior - Summer 99
garage.jpg (64018 bytes)
Garage - Summer 99
creek.jpg (68462 bytes)
Garage - Summer 99

Creeks and Meadow
The pasture to the west  of the house is flood-irrigated from neighboring land.  Across Carr Creek, to the south of the house, there are many potential building sites.  A previous owner had at one time planned to build there, so there is already power and water to the area.

buildings.jpg (68452 bytes)
Summer 99
smallcreek.jpg (88726 bytes)
Carr Creek - Summer 99
meadow.jpg (76754 bytes)
Meadow - Summer 99

Nearby Terrain 
The hill behind our house is covered in Black & White Oaks, conifers and Madrones. When we bought the place, we  were told it was owned by BLM. We were  not the only buyers to be misled. It is owned by SPI and they are logged it in 2002 or 2003. It was an "alternative prescription", meaning they took only the trees being harvested and left the rest, as opposed to a clear-cut. In spite of the destruction I have seen at other sites, we were lucky, and it doesn't look too bad. However, they will likely be back on 5-10 years to clear-cut the hill, once the trees reach an even age. 

timbered_hill1.jpg (212173 bytes)
Hill behind house - 2003
timbered_hill2.jpg (155618 bytes)
Neighbor's barn - Summer 2003
timbered_hill3.jpg (159819 bytes)
Neighbor's barn - Summer 2003
hill.jpg (79523 bytes)
Hill - Summer 99
lake.jpg (45689 bytes)
Whiskeytown Lake - 
Summer 99
mountains.jpg (75748 bytes)
Trinity Alps - Summer 99