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Betty, Sheba, Banjo, Annie and Gracie:  In December 2001, we bought 2 sheep, Betty and Sheba, her daughter. I believe they are a Katahdin sheep mix. Banjo, the Pygmy goat, came free with the sheep and needed a home. We did not think we could have a goat because of how much trouble they can get into, but one look and we were in love. He is a sweetheart. Because of his stocky build and low center of gravity, he is not much of a jumper, so a 3 foot fence keeps him contained. Betty came to us already bred with an unknown due date. On January 21, 2002 at around 9pm, Betty had two little girl lambs with no complications. This was our first birth on the ranch, so we were grateful for the easy birth. The lambs, Annie and Gracie, are now full grown. They retained the personalities they had at birth: Annie is friendly, Gracie is very shy. All the sheep, except Sheba, shed their wool in spring, and grows it back in the fall. Fall 2010, Betty died, due to old age. She had been having trouble walking for over a year, and had an incident of not being able to stand up for 3 days. She rallied for a few months, but when the winter rains came, she decided to move on. 

Below is our online scrapbook. Click on a picture to see the full-sized photo, then use the 'Back' button on your browser to return to this page.  Photos are shown chronologically, so you can see the lambs growing up, and Betty shrinking back down!
Banjo1.JPG (158091 bytes)
Banjo2.JPG (188291 bytes)
Banjo3.JPG (139721 bytes)
BanjoSal2.JPG (128420 bytes)
Banjo & Sal
BanjoBettySheba1.JPG (187956 bytes)
Sheba, Betty & Banjo
BettySheba1.JPG (159051 bytes)
Betty & Sheba
BettySheba3.JPG (182159 bytes)
Sheba & Betty
BettySheba2.JPG (177846 bytes)
Betty & Sheba
BettyShebaSmokey2.JPG (187188 bytes)
Sheba & Betty
BettyShebaSmokey1.JPG (200011 bytes)
Betty, Smokey, & Smokey
Betty1.JPG (150995 bytes)
Betty's "head shot"
Betty2.JPG (112382 bytes)
Betty-very pregnant
Betty3.JPG (137019 bytes)
Betty-very pregnant
Lambs-newborn1.JPG (145923 bytes)
Lambs-3 hours
Lambs-newborn2.JPG (155873 bytes)
Gracie-3 hours
Lambs-newborn3.JPG (153791 bytes)
Gracie & Annie
Lambs-newborn5.JPG (171252 bytes)
Annie finds teat
Lambs-newborn6.JPG (171749 bytes)
Lambs-3 hours old
Lambs-1day.JPG (187487 bytes)
Lambs-1 day old
Lambs-1day1.JPG (195657 bytes)
Betty helps Annie - 1 day
Lambs-1day2.JPG (207436 bytes)
Annie-1 day 
Lambs-1week.JPG (133940 bytes)
Betty & lambs-1 week
Lambs-1week1.JPG (157906 bytes)
Betty, Annie & Gracie
Lambs-1week2.JPG (146382 bytes)
Plant investigation
Lambs-1week3.JPG (163759 bytes)
Annie & Gracie
Lambs-1week4.JPG (115886 bytes)
Learning to graze 
Lambs-2weeks.JPG (218962 bytes)
Whole family- Feb 02
Annie.jpg (121813 bytes)
Annie - Feb 02
Annie2.jpg (144129 bytes)
AnnieGracie.jpg (130006 bytes)
Gracie & Annie
AnnieBetty.jpg (104298 bytes)
Annie & Betty
AnnieGracie2.jpg (72444 bytes)
Gracie & Annie
AnnieGracieBetty.jpg (101479 bytes)
Betty, Gracie & Annie
AnnieGracieBettyBanjo.jpg (101086 bytes)
Annie, Gracie, Betty & Banjo
AnnieGracieShebaBanjo.jpg (96752 bytes)
Sheba, Gracie, Annie & Banjo
Banjo4.jpg (85603 bytes)
Banjo - Feb 02
Sheep and goat in March 2002. I was installing the irrigation system on the ranch, so there was some large equipment they were curious about. Last 3 photos are May 03, an example of the Rastafarian looking phase of sheep shedding their wool. The lambs are all grown up now.
AnnieBetty2.jpg (112082 bytes)
Betty & Annie
Betty4.jpg (121819 bytes)
Betty, shedding
Betty5.jpg (130926 bytes)
Betty, shedding
GracieSheba.jpg (117368 bytes)
Sheba & Gracie
GracieBettySheba3.jpg (90743 bytes)
Gracie, Sheba & Betty
Banjo6.jpg (131331 bytes)
Banjo5.jpg (75140 bytes)
GracieBettySheba.jpg (121751 bytes)
Sheba, Betty & Gracie
GracieBettySheba2.jpg (132255 bytes)
All 4 sheep
AnnieBanjo.jpg (114087 bytes)
Annie & Banjo
May 03
All4sheep.jpg (110227 bytes)
All 4 sheep - May 03
AnnieGracie3.jpg (126453 bytes)
Annie & Gracie - May 03
Bandit, our llama, is 6-7 years old. Just like his father, Smokey, he chases the sheep & goats, so he is kept in a separate pasture. So far, no signs of his dad's buckteeth! Below are photos of Bandit on his first day here.    

Bandit.jpg (185720 bytes)


Bandit2.jpg (180324 bytes)

BanditBanjo.jpg (157267 bytes)

Bandit & Banjo

BanditBanjo2.jpg (171557 bytes)