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Sal, our cat, came to us while up at the ranch, two weeks before we moved in. A fat, healthy and neutered stray, he just came right up and adopted us. We halfheartedly looked for his owners, but no one claimed him (whew!). We had to leave him at the ranch and hope he would be there when we moved back in 2 weeks later. He was, and has been with us ever since.  

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Sal&wtbarn.jpg (168425 bytes) Sal asleep by weight barn SalRachel1.jpg (112829 bytes) Sal showing affection for Rachel SalRachel2.jpg (85762 bytes) Sal and Rachel
Call of the wild: Below is a sequential series of photos of Sal, right after he caught a gopher or ground squirrel. By the time I got out there, there wasn't much left but feet sticking out of Sal's mouth (last photo). 
SalGopher.jpg (114699 bytes) SalGopher2.jpg (174268 bytes) SalGopher3.jpg (109694 bytes) SalGopher4.jpg (149076 bytes)
Winnie is our barn cat. She originally arrived with her son, Boo, but he met with the coyotes one night. I believe Winnie is still around 'cuz she is such a chicken and stays near the barn. Below, Winnie is making overtures to our neighbor's cat, Legba (gray tabby). Sadly, she was rejected.
WinnieSqueak.jpg (159907 bytes) WinnieSqueak2.jpg (152538 bytes) WinnieSqueak3.jpg (164973 bytes) Squeak.jpg (182458 bytes)