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Welcome to our ranch section of our website. Click on picture to see full-sized photo, then use 'Back' button on your browser to return to this page. Click on underlined words to to page.

Ranch house-front. Ranch: We live on a 41 acre ranch on Highway 3 in Hayfork, CA. It has 2 year-round creeks, 3 wells, a remodeled 1890's era ranch cabin, a dirt floor garage, 2 barns, and a pump house. We have named our ranch Dancing Goat Ranch, in honor of the antics of our first goat, Banjo.

Yurt: We have a 30 foot yurt, which we use as a guest house, as well as to play acoustic music, do art, and to meditate. 

30 foot yurt from Nesting Bird
Banjo, our Pygmy Goat Pets: We have 2 "traditional" pets: 2 cats - a house cat and a barn cat. 
Farm animals
We have 5 farm animal pets: 3 Nigerian Dwarf Goats, 2 mixed breed sheep (look like Katahdins), and 1 llama. We lost our first llama to a dog attack and our current llama is his son. In 2012, we lost a sheep and our favorite goat, Banjo (that is him on the photo) to a pitbull dog attack. New baby goats to arrive soon.
Wildlife: On this page are photos of wildlife we have seen in the area, from deer to frogs. Actually we have seen a lot more, but we don't usually have a camera handy when that bear is racing across the highway!

Frog or toad

Praying Mantis Insects: So many interesting bugs, we had to give them their own page! If you like seeing the individual hairs on a spider's legs, check out this page!
Winter: Our winters are generally mild, a cold snap is 20 degrees. We usually have at least one intense snowstorm (and multiple power outages) that yield beautiful photos. Winter
Fused Glass by Rachel Anderson Dancing Goat Art Gallery: Our space for family and friends to show off our artistic endeavors.
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